1 – Set up your CRM ActiveCampaign Integration

Use the API TOKEN and URL from ActiveCampaign website (click here to follow the instructions) to connect both systems.

Set up if you want DocSales to give automatically the WON when the sales document is signed. Define if DocSales must update the opportunity value with the amount when the document is signed.

2 - Import Additional Fields created


The list of all custom fields created in ActiveCampaign will be listed. The field mapping is a TO-FOR configuration. You need to inform DocSales, that the field X of ActiveCampaign is the field Y of DocSales, and then these 2 will be linked. When an opportunity is selected in that mapped field in DocSales, the system will import the custom field data into ActiveCampaign.

You will have 2 options:

a) If the field to be mapped is already created in DocSales, click on the MAP CUSTOM FIELDS button and select, from the list of additional fields (from DocSales), which field you want to map.

b) If the field to be mapped is not yet created in DocSales, click on the button CREATE AND ASSOCIATE IN DOCSALES. The system immediately creates the field and map it automatically.

3 – Link the Opportunity into a Sales Document

When you are creating a new document (proposal, contract, quotation), click on search.

Filter the opportunity by FUNNEL, STAGE and SALES REP. Select the opportunity that you want to import into DocSales.

4 – Import Opportunity Data

Once the ActiveCampaign opportunity is linked with the sales document, DocSales imports:

a) Customer registration data

b) Contact details

c) Custom fields data

d) Products and Services

5 – Automatic update of ActiveCampaign

DocSales updates ActiveCampaign by inserting a note with the updated link, whenever the Sales Document is:

(a) Sent to the customer;

(b) Rejected by the customer;

(c) Signed by the customer.

6 – When the sales document is SIGNED

When the sales document is signed by the client, DocSales:

a) Updates the value of the opportunity in ActiveCampaign, considering the total value of the Sales Document (TCV) or the monthly recurring value (MRR)

b) Gives the WON in the ActiveCampaign Opportunity

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