Single Signer

That's when only 1 person (customer's legal representative) signs the sales document

Multiple Signers

It is the option where several people, whether from the customer or your company, sign the sales document.

When the document is SIGNED by all signers, it will appear a green thumbs up icon:

How it works

Document Preparation

When generating a NEW DOCUMENT, you will see the Signers tab

It is mandatory to fill in the Name, Email and the role of each signer.

Depending on the contracted plan, the New Signer button will be active. In that case it will be possible to add new signers.

Note: If your plan does not support the multiple signers feature, ask our customer service team to upgrade your plan by sending us an email to [email protected]

Document Sending & Signing

Send the Document as usual. Once submitted, new information will appear on the Documents list screen:

  • Hourglass icon indicates that the document is on the "AWAITING SIGNATURE" status. This means that the first signer has already signed, but there are still others to sign.

  • Signature column: indicates the number of signers that have already signed, represented by the thumbs up green icon. The number of signers that still need to sign, is represented by the hourglass icon.

  • Copy document link: Each signer has a specific link for signature. If you want to send the link by email or Whatsapp, you must access the document and click on the CLIP icon.

Rules for signing a document with multiple signers

  1. If the 1st signer REJECTS the document, the document will be rejected. This means that no other signer can sign the document.

  2. When the 1st signer SIGNS the document, the REJECT button is hidden from the other signers. Only the 1st signer can reject the document. Once the document is accepted by the first signer, the others can not reject the document.

  3. The Signature Proof (inserted on the last page of the document PDF), will list all signers details: name, date and time, email and IP address.

For additional information from our support team, please click the Help button or email us ([email protected]).

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