There are two ways to exchange messages on WhatsApp using DocSales.


When creating a new document, find the "Whatsapp number" field at the bottom of the screen and enter the customer's cellphone number.

When saving the document, the system will enable the button with the WhatsApp icon to be able to contact your future customer.

Note: It is not necessary to register the person's contact on your cell phone to send WhatsApp messages using this feature.


First, it is necessary to configure your user to enable the sending of messages by Whatsapp:

1 - Access the documents main page

2 - In the upper right corner, click on "My account"

3 - Fill in your WhatsApp number details and click on "Save"

Now, when your customer receives a sales document, he will have the option to SEND MESSAGE BY WhatsApp enabled:

Note: This is the way your customer see the Whatsapp icon on his computer.

Note: This is the way your customer see the Whatsapp icon on his mobile phone.

For this feature to work, you must have configured WhatApp Web or have the WhatsApp application installed on your computer or mobile phone.

Configure WhatsApp Web

Install WhatsApp

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