What do you sell? Whatever the answer, specific services (such as consultancies, inspections, audits, etc.), recurring services (such as accounting, health plans, Software / SaaS) or physical products, the pricing model goes through 2 major groups

Recurring or non-recurring

Recurring are those who have a payment frequency that takes place cyclically, during a certain period of time.

Recurring charges can be:

  • one time

  • monthly

  • bi-monthly

  • quarterly

  • bi-annual or

  • yearly.

Annual charges can still be paid in instalments ($ 1,200 / year paid in 3 instalments of $ 400.00, for example)

Non-recurring are those where the service or product is charged only one time.

DocSales meets both pricing models. See how to set up in our system:

When creating your services and products catalog, select what do you want to change and click on EDIT. Define which price models are to be activated and fill in the payment frequency:

  • The value for One time must be the total value of the product or service

  • The Monthly value must be the monthly fee and so on.

After setting the values, just add the services and products in your sales document - and choose the billing frequency.

Access Documents -> New Document -> Services and Products Tab

The instalments will be distributed over time according to the document specifications and frequency:

This table above can be inserted in the document template or just be visible for the user to check if everything is correct.

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