DocSales provides some default variables that you can use in your CUSTOMERS, PRODUCTS & SERVICES catalog and in your DOCUMENT.

For example, in the Customers data, there is the Company Name, DBA Name, address, number, city, state, zip. however, other information such as company size, number of employees, region, etc. may be necessary.

This also applies to the registration of products, which sometimes need technical specifications, bar codes, weight, link to user manual, among others.

For this there is the possibility of creating additional fields.

To set up additional fields, access the Settings Menu ->Custom Fields

Click on New Additional field:

Where should it appear?

Choose where that field should be created. All the information in the additional fields can be included in the document (proposal, contract), product/service or in the customers catalog.

If you want to include the NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES field, it must belong to the customer register. If several documents are generated for that customer, with various services, the employee information will be fixed.

On the other hand, if the information is about QUANTITY OF USERS, this information probably belongs to the DOCUMENT information. Depending of the template sent, this quantity may change.

There are 6 types of custom fields:

Small Text

As the name says, it is a short piece of information (example: manual link, number of employees):

Large Text

It is a text that can be formatted (bold, italic, colors, font size, image, tables, bullets, etc.) as if it were an article from a text editor like MS-Word:


It is a numeric field:


List of unique choice - choose one only

It is a list with several options from which you must choose 1.

Mark "Mandatory Field" if filling in this information is mandatory to send your documents.

List of multiple choices- choose one or more

It is a list with several options from which the you can choose multiple options.

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