DocSales allows you to create your document templates, whether they are contracts, sales proposals, or quotes. You can customize them adding your logo and branding colors!

To create your document templates:

1 - Access the Settings menu -> Document Templates

2 - Click on "New document template"

3 - Fill in your template name

4 - Copy the content of your current document template and paste it on the blank space.

It will be necessary to insert variables, which are codes that DocSales replaces with the information filled in the document template. For example:

When creating the text: "Dear {{}}" the system will search for the content filled in the CONTACT NAME field in the sales document and replace the variable with it.

Review your document and change each part of your document to the corresponding variables in the list.

To insert images in your document template, follow these steps:

1 - Click on the image icon

2 - Click Upload

3 - Click on Choose File

4 - After selecting your computer's image, click Send it to the Server

5 - Set the desired Height or Width and click OK

If you want to change the image just click on it and then on the image icon.

For additional information from our support team, please click the Help button or email us ([email protected]).

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