In DocSales you can register your payment methods. For now, this registration is purely informative, so you can identify which payment method will be used to charge your customer.

Soon, we will integrate DocSales with several payment methods. So once the document is signed, your customer already receives the ticket or adds the credit card data and the invoice is processed immediately.

To access the payment method settings, follow these steps:

1 - Access the Settings menu -> Payment Methods

You have several payment methods by default in our system: ACH, Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer).

Registering new payment methods:

1 - Click on the pink button "New payment method"

2 - Add the desired name, select the type of payment method

3 - Click on save.

You can delete, deactivate existing ones or register new ones.

Changing the current options:

Click on the Actions menu and select:

Edit: To change the description or settings.

Deactivate: Inactive status, and does not appear in the NEW SALES DOCUMENT. All documents generated in the past with this payment method option remain configured with it.

Delete: Completely deletes the payment method. Old sales documents generated with this payment method will lose this information. We recommend deleting only if you have not yet used DocSales to send real proposals.

Mark as Favorite: Use this option to leave this payment method by default when generating new sales documents.

For additional information from our support team, please click the Help button or email us ([email protected]).

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