When your customer opens the sales document, they will have the option to SIGN or REJECT.

When your customer clicks REJECT:

The COMMENT option shows an open field where the customer provide feedback to the sales rep. I.e: Doesn't agree with some clause on the document.

However, there are times when the sales rep gives up on the deal without giving any information, satisfaction or even returning to their calls and emails.

We want to help you understand why your customer doesn't want to close your deal.


We understand that this standard text does not fit for all types of industries. That is why we have developed the option to personalize the non-rejection text or the button description.

Go to settings -> Document Rejection Questions and set up:

When clicking on the REJECT button, the system will open a questionnaire with the reasons that led the customer to withdraw from the deal:

To configure the rejection questions follow the next steps:

1 - Access the Settings menu -> Document rejection questions

2 - Click on "New question"

There are 3 types of questions:

Free-form field: The customer can write whatever he wants.

List of Options - multiple choice options - where the customer can choose several answers.

List of Options - Only choice - is that option where the customer can choose only 1 answer.

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