Now in DocSales, you can set a signing order for your favorite documents.

You must be asking: Where am I able to set up the signing order? Let's go!

After you upload your document and fill in all the document details you will define the signers.

1- Activate a signing order

Click on Activate signing order.

2- Define the signers

Click on the numbers next to each signer to create a signing order. The document In this way, each signer receives an email notification once the previous signer has completed their action.

3- Create signing groups

Imagine that document that needs the eSignature of your two managers! Now, you can create signing groups using the same number in front of each signer.

For example: Insert the number 1 next to the two managers.

Then, click send and your document will be sent in the order you set up.

4- WhatsApp link

With the signing order, the WhatsApp link will appear in the order you set up before. So the second signer will only receive the link after the document was sent to the first one and so on.

5- Document Tracking

In DocSales you have tracking of what happens with your document, each time that it's signed, rejected, or canceled.

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