In DocSales, sales documents go through several status. Each of these status has a set of actions that can be performed.


Preparation: When a Sales Document is being prepared by the sales rep / manager to be sent.

Sent: When the Sales Document has already been sent to the customer.

Read: Shows when the customer read the Sales Document. Track how long your customer stayed with the document open, who read the document and if he/she sent it to someone else.

Signed: When the customer signs the Sales Document.

Rejected: When the customer has rejected the Sales Document.


All these actions are found on the Actions menu:

Edit: You can open the Sales Document to edit before sending. In the case of a rejected document, you can edit it and send it again if the customer rejected it due to an error.

View PDF: View the document on a PDF file and see how it looks.

Delete: Delete the document from the system (irreversible action).

Cancel: After sending the document to the customer, if the sales rep decides to make any changes, it is necessary to cancel it and the customer receives a cancellation email.

Send: send the document to the customer.

Copy: ​​Duplicate the sales document with all customer data, products and services and other information. It is used when you want to send an identical document to another customer. With this feature, you don’t need to type everything again, the system will copy the same data and you just need to make the changes that you desire.

Another use is for companies that send a PROPOSAL first, and after the signature process, send a CONTRACT. In that case, you just need to copy the document, change the template and send it back to the customer.

Sign: only users set up as MANAGERS are allowed mark the document as signed. It is used when your customer needs to manually sign the document.

Review clauses: this feature is only available for MANAGERS. It allow them to edit certain document clauses for a specific customer, without interfering in the original document template.

History: Full history of the sales document: versions, submissions, signature, disapproval (and its reasons), expiration.

Show: View the document data without being able to edit (when the document is sent, read or signed).

Resend the document: to send it back to the customer by email.

Analytics: accesses the dashboard of time statistics that the client had the document open, who read it and to whom the client sent it.

When the document is IN PREPARATION, you can:

1- Edit

2- Delete

3- Send

4- Sign

5- Review Clauses

When the document has already been SENT it is possible to:

1- Show

2- Resend

3- Sign

4- Reject

5- Cancel

When the document has been READ it is possible to:

1- Show

2- Analytics

3- Resend

4- Sign

5- Reject

6- Cancel

When the document was SIGNED it is possible to:

1- Show

2- Analytics

3- Cancel

When the document has been REJECTED it is possible to:

1- Edit

2- Analytics

3- Cancel

4- Sign

When the document is EXPIRED it is possible to:

1- Edit

2- Cancel

3- Copy

Available in all status: History, View PDF and Copy.


“I sent a document, but I want to make a change”.

A: First, you have to cancel the document. Then, activate the document and it will be “In preparation” status. You can start editing and once you finished, send it again.

“The customer has rejected the document. He wants me to make a change”.

A: As the document is already rejected, you just need to edit and send it again.For additional information from our support team, please click the Help button or email us [email protected].

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