DocSales allows you to register or import your products & services from a spreadsheet and then insert them into your sales documents.

To create the Products & Services Catalog, perform the following steps:

1 - Access the Services and Products menu on the main screen;

2 - Click on the green button "Add service or product".

You will be directed to this screen:

Fill in the details:

Product Code: Alphanumeric field (letters and numbers) according to its internal coding. It will not be possible to have 2 products with the same code.

Product name: it is the name of the product.

Description: it is the product description, which allows editable text such as bold, colors, tables, images, etc.

Products and Services Payment Frequency

DocSales works with several types of pricing, according to the payment frequency:

One time: it is for one time, non-recurring payments,.

Recurring payments: Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual.

For all types of pricing, it is possible to give a discount in Currency ($) or Percentage (%).

Additional custom fields

If your product or service registration has other fields that DocSales does not have by default, you can add additional custom fields. Find out more how to use them here.

For additional information from our support team, please click the Help button or email us ([email protected]).

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