If your company has different sales teams, you can set them up to restrict one team from accessing information from another.

Use this function if your company has different sales teams and you want each manager to view only your team data.

You can add users (managers or sales managers) to one or more teams, that way, 1 manager can view the sales documents of several teams and / or several managers can view the sales managers documents of each team.

To add new users to your account, follow these steps:

1 - Access the Settings menu -> Users -> Manage Teams

2 - Click on NEW TEAM;

3 - Give your new sales team a name and color;

4 - Now just associate your users with each team. You can see details on how to do this at:


5 - If you are a MANAGER user, you will only see the documents of the members of the teams you participate in.

SALES REPS users continue to have access to their own sales documents only.

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