Document Variables:

Document Code / Number {{code}}

Document Status {{status}}

Total Value of the Document {{value}}

Creation Date {{formatted_created_at}}

Updated {{updated_at}}

Document Expiration Date {{formatted_expiration_date}}

Effective Date {{contract_start}}

Effective Months {{contract_months}}

End of Term {{contract_end}}

Customer Variables:

Company name {{}}

Company Code {{customer.code}}

DBA (Doing Business As) Name {{customer.alias}}

Customer Legal Code {{customer.legal_code}}

Address 1 {{customer.address}}

Number {{customer.number}}

Address 2 {{customer.complement}}

Neighborhood {{customer.district}}

Zip {{customer.postal_code}}

City {{}}

State {{customer.state}}

Phone number 1 {{customer.phone1}}

Phone number 2 {{customer.phone2}}

Customer WhatsApp Number {{customer.whatsapp_number}}

Contact name {{customer.contact_name}}

Role / Job Title {{customer.contact_role}}

Contact email {{customer.contact_email}}

State Registration {{customer.legal_code2}}

Company Type {{customer.customer_type}}

Service or Product Variables:

Service Code {{service.code}}

Service Name {{}}

Service Description {{service.description}}

Quantity {{service.quantity}} {{service.custom_Unity_of_Measurement}}

Unit value {{service.raw_value | number_to_currency}}

Total Value {{service.raw_total | number_to_currency}}

Payment Methods Variables:

First Payment Date {{first_payment_at}}

Number of Installments {{parcels_count}}

Expiration Day {{due_day}}

{{Notes}} Observations

Total Proposal Value {{value}}

Billing Cycle {{}}

Expiration Date Registered in Cycle {{billing_cycle.expiration_day}}

Payment Periodicity {{}}

Payment Method Name {{}}

Authorised Representative variables:







Account Variables (DocSales account):

Account Name {{}}

{{Account.document_number}} document

Address 1 {{account.address1}}

Address 2 {{account.address2}}

ZIp {{account.postal_code}}

City {{}}

State {{account.state}}

DocSales User Variables:

Username {{}}

User email {{}}

User {{user.phone_number}} phone

WhatsApp number {{user.whatsapp_number}}

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