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Personalize outgoing DocSales emails


Configure and personalize your outgoing emails so you have 100% branding fidelity and consistency.

DocSales sends emails to your customers in different situations.

You can customize the message, layout, and signature of all outgoing emails.

To personalize your emails, perform the following steps:

1 – Access the Settings menu -> Email templates

DocSales has five types of email templates:

1 – Document Expired

2 – Document Canceled

3 – Document Rejected

4 – Document Signed

5 – Document Sent.

Click on the email template that you want to customize. You will be directed to the following screen:

Customize the text, insert your logo, and your branding colors.

You will notice that there are codes between brackets {{}}. These codes are called variables. The system identifies the variables and inserts the information filled out in your sales document.

Learn more about the types of documents you can send with docsales by clicking here.

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