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Type of documents you can create with DocSales


Document Templates, Legal Binding and Customization of proposal and contract templates.

You can use DocSales to prepare and send ANY TYPE of document that you need to formalize and finalize a sale. While we refer to them collectively as Sales Documents, they are specific to where you are in the sales cycle;

Online signature with legal binding

The documents signed by the customer using DocSales are legally valid binding. See here the details of how it works.

Do I need to use DocSales templates or can I use an internal company template?

DocSales allows documents to be personalized. In other words, DocSales will generate a sales document just like the document you are used to using, 100% personalized.

Learn more about Personalize Outgoing Emails by clicking here.

And that goes for emails sent by the system, you can change the text, add your company logo and leave everything personalized for you!For additional questions, please contact our support team by clicking on the help icon in the lower left corner or send an email to

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